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Camaraderie & Cleanup

by Adam Cook

The weekend after Memorial Day a small group of students, staff, family members and faculty followed the lead of a core group of veterans by taking on Operation Clean Sweep.

Leaf prints on sidewalk

Leaf Prints: Nature’s Ghost Leaves

by Jan Dabrowski

Fall is the time that ghost leaves appear on campus and around town. You’ll see them best on the lighter concrete walks.

A ghost leaf is the print left behind after wet leaves lying on the walks for a day or two have been blown or swept away. In some cases, the ghosts are very sharp and show details as small as veins in the leaf.

Janet Friday, Sustainability in Design, Manufacture and Marketing, Marylhurst University

Sustainability in Design, Manufacture and Marketing

Janet Friday is the Director of Environmental Sustainability at Merck, bringing over 30 years of environmental compliance and sustainability experience to address the company’s challenges. Prior to joining Merck, Janet worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and an environmental consulting firm. She joined Merck in 1993 and has worked in various roles supporting Environmental, […]

Kayla Byers, Class of 2016, Marylhurst University

Global Connections: Rural Sociology & Food Systems and Society

by Kayla Byers ’16, M.S. in Food Systems and Society

Under the sweltering sun, thanks in part to the sweating crops, the XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology conference took place in Toronto, Canada this August. The 2016 conference theme was “Sustainable and Just Rural Transitions: Connections and Complexities” and with that theme, it seemed fitting to apply to present my thesis research “Not-So-Free Trade Agreements: Discursive Framings of Food Systems Benefits and Burdens Around Free Trade Agreements.”


Happy Birthday, Marylhurst University!

Today is a special day for Marylhurst University. July 29th is the day, back in 1893, that the State of Oregon granted a charter authorizing our founders, the Sisters of the Holy Names, to confer baccalaureate degrees. We call it Charter Day and celebrate July 29th as Marylhurst University’s birthday. In 1893, we were located […]


A Science Communicator in the Making

by Tara Campbell My dad set up our first computer in the kitchen when I was eight years old. It was beige with a dark green screen and a keyboard that made the most wonderful clacking sound—a sound to this day that I find soothing. From the first time the text-based game Zork loaded, I […]

Christy Pagels, M.A. in Art Therapy Counseling

How to start an art therapy practice

by Christy Pagels ’06, LPC, ATR-BC

Though I’ve been doing art therapy and counseling for about a decade, this past year has been a real learning experience for me, as I started my private practice. Of course, each job and even each client I worked with in that time has taught me much about being a therapist, but making this career change has been a different kind of challenge and opportunity for growth.


Returning to college? Five things you should consider

by Karl Erickson

The decision to return to school to complete my English degree was a choice I’ve never regretted, but I sometimes struggle making a quick explanation when people ask me about it. Why did I enroll in the university again after a quarter century in the workplace? What prompted a 47-year-old father, husband, author, photographer and state employee (of nearly two decades) to infuse even more chaos into his busy schedule?


The Legend of MU English

by Ken Schultz Not to make it seem pretentious (since each person’s experience is unique and interesting in and of itself), I love it when the authors of super-complex narratives reveal the behind-the-scenes subtexts of their work. It’s like being together with an intimate friend, side-by-side during the act of creation. In the interest of […]


Three Steps to Happiness

We talked with John McPhee about his upcoming TEDxMarylhurstU talk, GGG2Greatness. Here’s what John had to say:

I used to work in the Australian outback mining hard rock. For many years, I vacillated between study and work. Over more than a decade, I watched as my peers moved from school to college to jobs to relationships and families. And I wondered what they had that I didn’t. I wanted to be happy – but wasn’t clear as to how to get there.