More than two years ago, in the midst of tumultuous time at Marylhurst, faculty from across campus put together a faculty rank and advancement policy, which outlined the expectations for faculty rank and mapped out a pathway for professional advancement. Policy documents like this should be relatively mundane documents at institutions of higher education, part of the day-to-day housekeeping of professional development. At Marylhurst, however, this document represents the transformation of a university.

The rank and advancement policy wound its way through a new senate, a new presidency and eventually was approved by the Board of Trustees this past June. I am so pleased today to announce the first stage of implementation of that tremendous work in the form of a Notice of Appointment with professional faculty ranking assigned to every faculty member at Marylhurst, full-time, part-time and adjunct.

Professional faculty rank is just standard at any university, it represents the accomplishments of our faculty and it places them in a national peerage. In order to assign rank, I worked closely with the Faculty Senate and particularly the Faculty Work and Development Committee to get guidance on the process for assigning this initial rank. I read through all of curriculum vitae of our faculty, looking closely at publications, service and length of time with our institution.  In some cases, I consulted with former deans and chairs in looking at the record of accomplishment of each individual at our institution. Finally President Rose and I consulted on the process as well as the final initial ranking, just as we would (and will do) when we begin to move forward faculty who apply for advancement in rank in the years to come.

In addition to assigning professional rank, our goal in these Notices of Appointment for full-time faculty is to move from 12-month to 9-month appointments, the kinds of appointments that again would be standard to other professors at other institutions and give our faculty time for research and professional development.

For adjunct faculty, our Notices of Appointment encompass the winter and spring terms for the academic year 2015-2016 and also assign initial professional rank using the faculty rank and advancement document as a guide.  Our goal for the 2016-2017 academic year will be to provide appointment letters for the academic year whenever possible. We will, in consultation with the adjunct faculty task force, also be working on creating FTE for these faculty, consequently paying the person, not just paying from the course schedule.

Now that we have ranks, our Human Resources department will conduct a comparative salary analysis and we’ll be providing updates on that process soon!

Thanks to everyone who was helped to make this work possible, truly it has involved a huge lift from faculty and staff across campus!


Faculty rank and notices of appointment

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