Interdisciplinary Studies represents what is so special about Marylhurst. It is a degree program that promotes self-direction and curricular flexibility; it allows a student to foreground a question that animates their learning, and it affirms a creative way to combine past learning experiences and transfer credit with what interests the student in the here and now.

The University is currently deep in the process of hiring a new faculty member to teach and mentor students in this area of study. The committee is comprised of a diverse group of faculty and a student, all of who have vested interest in the future promotion of Interdisciplinary Studies, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The committee includes me; Jan Dabrowski, faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Studies, Religion and Science department; Sean Gillon, faculty member in the Food Systems and Society program; Keri Behre, faculty member in the English department; Russell Hill, current graduate student in Interdisciplinary Studies; Darcy Edgar, alumni of M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and current faculty member in the Art department, and John Urang, faculty member in Media and Film Studies program.

We are pleased to say that we received over 160 applicants and have whittled the field to four candidates, all of who will be visiting the campus in late January for interviews. Please keep your eye out for an announcement of the date and time of their public talks.

National search for new faculty member: an update on Interdisciplinary Studies program

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