White papers are posted online and Master Academic Planning continues this term with our community roundtables. We’re excited to invite the Marylhurst community of faculty and students to join us on February 5th from 2-4 pm in Clark Commons for an opportunity to discuss the proposals and ideas people from across campus have submitted as we map out together a vision for Marylhurst in 2020.

In advance of the roundtable session, you can read all of the WHITE PAPERS (and provide comments) online. 

On Feb. 5, there will be three roundtables, each led by a group of faculty from the Academic Strategies Council. Each table will be focused on ONE of the following questions:

  • Who do we teach?
  • How do we teach them?
  • What do we teach?
  • Who teaches?

We’ve sorted the papers into those categories to help guide your reading and discussion at each table. Everyone will get to pick TWO tables in our time together and we’ll host two 45-minute conversations. Out of the roundtable discussions and comments, we hope to learn:

  • What resonates with you and why?
  • What did we miss?
  • What seems way off base for who we are as an institution and what are values are?

If you can’t attend the Feb. 5 session, you can provide feedback by commenting on the white papers online. The comment sections are open for every white paper posted and there is also a community feedback form you can use to provide more in-depth feedback.


The Academic Strategies Council will take back all ideas for discussion and synthesis in order to articulate a cohesive vision for 2020 and a plan to get there. We’ll bring back that synthesized draft for another community conversation in the first week of April for more feedback on the concrete decisions. We’ll also be discussing these decisions with the Faculty Senate and the Curriculum Committee. Just as a reminder, representatives of those groups are also on the Academic Strategies Council.

The final draft of the Master Academic Plan will go to the Faculty Senate and then to the President and finally to the Board for approval.

Any new program proposals will follow the program proposal process created by the Faculty Senate last year. Depending on early decisions, some of those proposals may move forward in February or March in order to be part of the completed June submission. The Master Academic Plan is a working document – even after it is approved. If other program ideas emerge in the future, they will be vetted through this larger plan and the goals established in this process.

The final plan will be submitted to the Board in late May.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Feb. 5!


White papers posted and invitation to community roundtables
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