My first love is analog / my second love is digital: a patchwork introduction

by Cody Jo

The English Literature & New Media cohort of fall 2013 gathered at Marylhurst University last weekend to orient ourselves with the material and technology we’ll encounter throughout the program. We were issued fresh-off-the-assembly-line iPads and asked to create a brief video to describe some of our educational goals and visions we had for our literature blogs. There was so much to do and so little time, but here is my video. I hope viewers will forgive the unpolished feel of the footage, for I count it as my first attempt to film and edit a short video.

I’ll allow the video to speak for itself, and I’ll mention the things I wish I could have added to the video, given more time.

As is said, my name is Cody Jo. I’ve been wandering for awhile now, but have found myself in the most excellent of academic environments I could have hoped for. Marylhurst University is, for me, a lighthouse by which I’ve navigated out of a dark sea. I was half-convinced college education wasn’t right for me anymore, until I stumbled upon the English Literature & New Media program offered here. Everything I’ve learned about Marylhurst since then has resonated, on some level, with my quest for a truly liberal education and my literary passions. Being able to visit the campus, to meet so many heart-invested educators and to interact with my online cohorts during our program orientation has made me feel grounded and harmonized, a feeling that I am definitely where I’m supposed to be.

I wish that my video included footage of my fellow classmates, and of our professors. They are a lovely and impressive circle of individuals that share parallel passions. I felt privileged to be among them and wish our time together could have been longer. Our weekend of orientation ensured a strong sense of communal support, transcending states and oceans. I especially want to thank Dr. Keri Behre and Dr. Meg Roland, as well as Rebecca Lockwood, for all their efforts in organizing and hosting us. Thanks, as well, to any and all Marylhurst staff that made it possible, right down to the ghost that brought us tea and cookies and then cleaned up when we weren’t looking. And I want to give a smiling nod to my classmate, Annie, for her steady hand in filming my trek up Marylhurst’s steepest nature trail, which you should expect…is a metaphor for how I’ve arrived here, at last.

Cody Jo is a student in the English Literature & New Media program at Marylhurst University. You can follow his tweets over on Twitter @aliterarydevice.