A Weekend @ Marylhurst – The English Lit. & New Media Residency

In Summer our campus, for the most part, is quiet and still. However, for the past three days it has been host to a flurry of creativity.

Our English Literature and New Media (ELNM) students, who do a majority of their work online, have just completed one of their on-campus residency weekends. The residency is when our ELNM students fly, drive, and bus in to participate in an intense twenty-four hours worth of multimedia courses.

Over the weekend, students produce lots of in-class writing, have enthusiastic conversations, and work to complete major projects.

Projects like films for the Digital Storytelling course taught by Perrin Kerns.

Keri Behre is the accomplished director of the ELNM program. Along with her fellow English Literature professors, she facilitates a thriving learning environment during the residency.

“English Literature & New Media is designed to make a high-quality liberal arts education accessible even to those students who are not able to be on campus on a daily or weekly basis,” writes Professor Behre.

“Bringing storytelling into new media is one of the key things our program is about,” Behre writes. “As we combine the skills and benefits of an English degree with training in and critical thinking about new media platforms, our students practice bringing those skills together in courses like [Digital Storytelling]. Offering this class during our summer residency is important because the technical skills are learned so much more effectively in person.”

Students even had the opportunity over the residency to write with and hear from Hip Mama Zine editor and non-fiction author Ariel Gore.

As the weekend winds down and the ELNM students prepare to return to their respective states, cities, and homes, the campus becomes still again.

But online the creative momentum remains.

Updates about the weekend pepper news feeds and dashboards. ELNM student Timothy Merritt writes, “Just finished three days of digital storytelling workshop with a whole lot of old (and new) friends. Wrote with a guest author who wrote a book that blew my mind. I forgot how much I love Marylhurst.”

Conversations continue, collaborative projects are designed, and the learning process reaches new levels.

Our ELNM Cohort residency weekend (phtograph by Darwin Riviere)

Our ELNM Cohort (photograph by Darwin Riviere)

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