David Walker: “The Invisible World of Black Comic Creators”

David Walker is a recent Marylhurst graduate and an accomplished creator.

“I got my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Cultural Studies and Text: Image.” Writes Walker. “Currently, I’m working on my second novel, and writing comic books. I have two series out right now, The Army of Dr. Moreau and The Supernals Experiment, and several other top secret projects that will be announced soon.”

On top of all his top secret projects, Walker also runs the website BadAzz MoFo, which he originally started as a ‘zine in 1996.

After attending San Diego Comic Con, Walker wrote about diversity in comic books and about how there are often talented comic creators that go unnoticed and unmentioned.

The truth is there is a problem with a lack diversity and representation in comics (and all facets of pop culture), but the other truth is that there are some truly amazing people doing some truly amazing work out there. And I ran into quite a few of them at SDCC 2014.”

Walker goes on to introduce us to some of these amazing creators and their work. So life-long comic fans and new enthusiasts, prepare for a “shock to your system!”

The Invisible World of Black Comic Creators