My True Passion

By David Walker

After more than a year in development, and several decades of wishful thinking, it was announced that I am writing the upcoming “Shaft” comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment.

“Shaft” was originally written by Ernest Tidyman, who followed with six other books and a popular series of films in the 1970s. Translating “Shaft” into the medium of comics is something I first thought of when I was a kid, so this project really is a childhood dream come true.

Before attending Marylhurst, I had a successful career in journalism, and I dabbled in film production. But my true passion has always been comic books, and for the last five years I have struggled to establish myself in the industry. “Shaft” represents my big score (pun intended, for those familiar with the character).

The first issue of “Shaft” debuts in December, and by late summer of next year the first six issues will be collected into a graphic novel format.

December will also see the release of a special edition comic starring Pat Savage, cousin of the iconic pulp hero from the 1930s.

Pat first appeared in print in the 1930s, and she is considered by some to be the first modern female superhero—though she has never really had her own solo adventure in comics. As with Shaft, I dreamed of writing a Pat Savage adventure since I was about ten—she was, after all, my first literary crush.

And as if December isn’t busy enough, it will also see the release of the final issue of my digital comic series “The Army of Dr. Moreau,” which will then be released in a printed graphic novel format in March 2015. There will be a big event at the Hollywood Theater on December16th, where we will show the film “Shaft’s Big Score,” and I will be signing copies of the first issue.