Your Brain on Star Wars

by Greg Crosby

I am passionate about my TEDx topic, Your Brain on Star Wars, because the brain and the movie Star Wars are each a journey and an adventure unto themselves. It is fascinating to experience talking about Star Wars with others. There is such a communal connection that people have about this movie. Both the brain and Star Wars deal with the unknown, adventure of dealing with adversity and the need to locate hope and have resilience or surrender to the dark side.

I have been teaching in the field of interpersonal neurobiology since 2005, and I have always enjoyed popular culture and especially the Star Wars saga. My interests in brain science, Joseph Campbell and Star Wars are all are linked together like a quilt pattern. Perhaps this threesome is my version of The Force.

I would like TEDxMarylhurstU attendees to take away:

1. An appreciation of how our brains are interconnected to each other and affected when we talk about or view the movie Star Wars. The TEDx talk would help one understand how stories put us in an interpersonal universe that spans dimensions of time and space.

2. A better understanding of the brain science lessons and tools imbedded in Star Wars that we can practically use on a daily basis:

  • the need for emotional regulation and a key tool to help achieve it;
  • the significance of the dark side and how to respond to it; and
  • understanding how we locate The Force outside and inside us.

Greg Crosby has taught at Marylhurst University since 1981 and Portland State University since 1999. He also has a private practice in life transitions, learning problems and adult ADD/ADHD and clinical supervision. Greg is one of the featured speakers at TEDxMarylhurstU on February 18, 2016.