Three Steps to Happiness

We talked with John McPhee about his upcoming TEDxMarylhurstU talk, GGG2Greatness. Here’s what John had to say:

I used to work in the Australian outback mining hard rock. For many years, I vacillated between study and work. Over more than a decade, I watched as my peers moved from school to college to jobs to relationships and families. And I wondered what they had that I didn’t. I wanted to be happy – but wasn’t clear as to how to get there.

Eventually I did get there – but more by good luck than good management. And due in no small part to meeting and falling in love with an extraordinary woman. As my own children headed toward teenage angst, I wondered more and more, “what is Happiness and how do you find it?”

Much reading and talking with others and thinking later, I have a plan … a structure. It’s not original or unique … except that as a whole construct, I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Happiness is within the grasp of every one of us. It’s that simple and that complicated.

What do you hope people will take away after hearing your talk?

1. A clear understanding of this construct and the three opportunities to focus on.

2. The belief that it is possible and do-able.

3. Three practical and accessible starting steps with which they can immediately begin!

How do you hope to change the world — or impact your community — through your TEDx talk?

We have a lot of information about how to be happy available to us in 2016. I believe that almost all of us would like to be happy. I believe these 18 minutes summarize what’s possible for us all – in clear, digestible, accessible, do-able chunks.

I’d like people to leave TEDxMarylhurst inspired – and more than that – believing that it’s possible – and understanding the first three critical steps to make it so!

John McPhee is the Global Supply Chain University Program Lead at Nike. A believer in lifelong learning, he holds several degrees and is pursuing a Master of Education at Marylhurst University. He is one of six speakers at TEDxMarylhurstU on February 18.