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Camaraderie & Cleanup

by Adam Cook

The weekend after Memorial Day a small group of students, staff, family members and faculty followed the lead of a core group of veterans by taking on Operation Clean Sweep. During my time in the army every base would conduct a biannually event called Operation Clean Sweep. All activities would cease unless authorized by the first general officer in the chain of command and it was an all hands effort on area beatification. This was a chance for each unit to outdo the next by showing their attention to detail. Once the cleanup was completed the soldiers had a stronger respect for their surroundings and continued to maintained their area with the highest level of pride. The veterans all volunteered for our duty in the military and we still find that giving back fulling.

Our small core group of veterans wanted to bring that pride to our school. I would like to thank everyone who helped trim the shrubbery, pull the weeds, clean the paths and helped make Marion Hall entrance shine like the students, staff, family members and faculty of our great intuition Marylhurst University. The veterans have thrown down the gauntlet to see what everyone is capable of.

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