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A Science Communicator in the Making

by Tara Campbell My dad set up our first computer in the kitchen when I was eight years old. It was beige with a dark green screen and a keyboard that made the most wonderful clacking sound—a sound to this day that I find soothing. From the first time the text-based game Zork loaded, I […]


Three Steps to Happiness

We talked with John McPhee about his upcoming TEDxMarylhurstU talk, GGG2Greatness. Here’s what John had to say:

I used to work in the Australian outback mining hard rock. For many years, I vacillated between study and work. Over more than a decade, I watched as my peers moved from school to college to jobs to relationships and families. And I wondered what they had that I didn’t. I wanted to be happy – but wasn’t clear as to how to get there.


MU Students Witness the Liberation of a River and the Return of Life

by L. J. Frech*

On July 7th of this year, 8 students from Marylhurst University left campus for a four day exploration of Olympic National Park, recognized as a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. There are over 20 plants and animals in the Olympics found nowhere else on Earth, and National Marine Sanctuaries protest 3,310 square miles of ocean life.

This field studies course was designed to gain an understanding of the largest dam removal in the world and the most extensive river restoration effort in Pacific Northwest history. The primary purpose of the dam removal is to restore anadromous stocks of Pacific Salmon and Steelhead to the Elwha River, which have been denied access to the upper 65 miles of river habitat for more than 95 years by two dams.


A Weekend @ Marylhurst – The English Lit. & New Media Residency

In Summer our campus, for the most part, is quiet and still. However, for the past three days it has been host to a flurry of creativity.

Our English Literature and New Media (ELNM) students, who do a majority of their work online, have just completed one of their on-campus residency weekends. The residency is when our ELNM students fly, drive, and bus in to participate in an intense twenty-four hours worth of multimedia courses.


Student work: My body asunder

by Darwin Rose Riviere Excerpts from her Creative Writing Senior Thesis, “My Body Asunder.” Excerpt 1. I am full of self. I am in love. I am in anger and hate and the passionate pounding of bodies against cold white walls. I am in the center of all that I am. This is my own bible […]