From Adam Young, current Marylhurst music student:


To say my feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of activities, new music, new friends, and new memories in the works that exploded into my life with this choir camp would be describing my state in the most understated manner possible.
I am extremely excited for the work ahead of us and even more excited about the amazing music that we will create together this week, and the foundations of friendships and collaboration that are beginning to be laid down are priceless to me.

From Stephanie Tommasso, of Sandy High School:

‘Music is what feelings sound like.’ (Author Unknown).
What is there to do to escape the rest of the world for a while? To bring out the laughs, cries, shouts, and chills that have burrowed inside? To discover some sort of talent and use it proudly? Music is a common answer to these – and a smart answer, in my opinion. The emotions that come from music do indeed stretch the palette of feelings just as colors do on a painting palette or sounds do on the whole audio wave spectrum.

I feel that way through this choir camp at Marylhurst. I get in touch with all those emotions as I analyze and sing the music, and I even feel elated while talking with fellow musicians. My serotonin levels in my brain skyrocket, and they make me excited and eager to create something from the music I received.

I am a young, budding musician myself; I just graduated high school. Even though I already had years of singing, acting, dancing, and accompanying groups and soloists by piano, I know that I am still not done yet – not even close! Life itself is just beginning for me. However, the people at the Marylhurst Choir Camp acknowledge that I have come this far in everything I have done. Even something as simple as being moved closer to the center of the alto section due to my solid voice tells me that I’m doing something right. The material is challenging, but that is the way I like it. In fact, I love a good challenge to sing. It is worth the commute, the money, the everything!

So if you are bored, sad, happy, literally anything, and if you want to put that energy to work, sing at the Marylhurst Summer Choir Camp. It leaves you feeling important, talented, and at least a bit more content with leaving room in your life for music.

Two wonderful perspectives on our choir camp, from our students

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