Spotlight On ELNM Student: Vone Phouiphainh



(Pictured: ELNM student Vone Phouiphainh)


Marylhurst University’s English Literature and New Media student Vone Phouiphainh talks about how he is developing his writing skills and expanding his ability to navigate the creative side of new media.


What does English and New Media mean to you?


It means taking literature of any genre, and studying and applying their relevance to our current, digital world in an effort to create something great and magical.


What drew you to the ELNM program at Marylhurst?


The opportunity to hone and expand my love for literature; and the hope to apply this newfound knowledge to my life and future career.


What Modes of expression/Multimedia do you work with in ELNM?


During Orientation, each student was given an iPad so I’ve become well-versed in its use, along with several apps. Besides the iPad, the ELNM cohort mainly uses Twitter, Blogging, YouTube; and we’ve engaged in Google Hangout and video chats.


What type of writing do you do most often for your work in ELNM?


It varies, depending on the class. Sometimes we write traditional papers, but mainly we blog. A few terms back, however, I took Digital Humanities, and my writing manifested into comic strips, YouTube videos, and even a short, literary iMovie.


In what ways is the pursuit of an English and New Media degree going to help today’s students in the job market?


Besides becoming a better writer, which is useful in all fields, the knowledge gained from the study of New Media helps us to stay current with the latest trends in technology. In most job markets today, technological skills are needed, and this program not only provides the understanding of some of that knowledge, but how to make the most of it by introducing us to such a great variety of these very technologies.


To highlight some of the creative work he has been doing in the program, here is a poem by Vone, written in the Short Prose class that Marylhurst University offers as part of its English degree programs:



December Looms

By Vone Phouiphainh

Scattered texts and floating letters

Hover words that slip through lips

Crispy pages and inundation

Click, click, tap, tap, tips of fingers

Weight on shoulders, extend the tendons

Marathon thoughts running erratic

Minutes to hours, and weeks to months

The escalation and finish line

Click, click, tap, tap, post, submit

Breathe, inhale, breathe, exhale

Head hits pillow, light to dark

The satisfaction that December looms


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