What English Literature and New Media Students Have to Say

Soliloquy by Timothy Merritt

Soliloquy “Now I Might Do It”
text/image project by Timothy Merritt

The English Literature and New Media Program at Marylhurst University offers a tightly connected  system of support for online learners. ELNM students are assigned to cohorts: small groups that navigate, explore, and learn to utilize digital media for art, literature, and writing.


ELNM students are grounded in some on-campus work, and they always have access to on-campus supported when needed, but they spend most of their education online. The Marylhurst online learning experience uses social media, blogs, and the University’s online classrooms to explore literature and the digital age.


ELNM student Anne Paya writes, “It seemed, through this degree, I could create a unique identity that would funnel me towards my goals as a writer. This degree is new, fresh, and has just enough tradition to bridge the gap into the evolving world of literacy.”

Professor Keri Behre and Cohort

Professor Keri Behre and Cohort


ELNM student Ginny Harper writes, “I realized it was an amazing opportunity to not just have a traditional english [sic] degree, but one that provides so much knowledge into the electronic world.”




To learn more about Marylhurst’s English Literature and New Media degree, visit: http://www.marylhurst.edu/academics/schools-colleges-departments/college-arts-sciences/english/programs/online-english-degree-faq.html

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