New Sharing Options

As a part of our ongoing Google for All! project, we are excited to announce the addition of new sharing options for Google Docs, Drive, Sites, Calendar.  This will happen on August 20th (next Tuesday).

These new options do NOT change your current  settings–your docs, email, calendars will not be altered.  There will simply be new options. These options allow for the sharing of some information to anyone you choose, including the ability to share your Google docs publicly.  This will make collaboration much easier.

If you create a new Google doc, it will default to being private.  If you want to share a doc, you will simply click on the Share button in the top right corner and can then add explicit individuals to share with, or share with the larger community.  Please be vigilant when altering these settings, as potentially you could be sharing something with the general public.   Click here for a link to Google’s help page on sharing.  See our FAQ for more information.

Our next step will be to migrate accounts to the domain.  We are aiming to begin this process within the next month.   Once that is complete, all staff, full-time faculty, and part-time faculty/adjuncts will share the same options and access.  This will make it easier to share and collaborate internally.

Eventually, students will also have accounts.  However, we still have work do to determining how they will interact in our larger community and how to grant those accounts.