Mymail migration date set!

The mymail account migration takes place on September 17th!

From then on, all official Marylhurst email addresses will end with  Having all staff and faculty within a single unified domain,, will make collaboration and communication much easier at Marylhurst.

We will be sending out several reminders over the next two weeks to mymail users, including final instructions on the migration day.  The process is fairly easy.  Former mymail account users will simply access the account and ignore the mymail account starting on the 17th.

Here’s a few things to know, ONLY if you have a mymail account.

1. Nothing on mymail will be deleted.  It is merely copied over to a account.  Everyone will need to use this new account, but we will not remove the mymail accounts for sometime, just in case someone misses these announcements or there’s an unexpected issue.

2. You will access your account the same way as before, except your username will be your new email address.

3. We will send your username and a temporary password on the 17th.   The password will be temporary, and for security purposes you will need to change it within 3 days.  (Don’t worry, if you miss the deadline, we will simply send a new temporary password!)

4. Starting on the 17th, you will only be able to access Google docs, calendars, and sites from your account.  This is to prevent problems with multiple versions of items.  If you have shared items with others, for example, shared a Google doc, you will want to check your sharing settings and may have to re-share.

5. Links shared outside the domain may need to be updated.  For example, if you created a Google site and shared it with others, the link to that site will  have changed with the migration.  On or after the 17th, you will need to let others know the new link, i.e., just open up the site in your account and share.

6. We will include detailed instructions on the 17th, particularly for those of you who may not have used your mymail account often.

7. A small number of users currently have mymail and accounts.  We will be contacting you separately, but for now, the same dates and information applies to your mymail account.  Most users will simply have the mymail account copied/merged into the corresponding account, but there will be ways to keep the information separate (if you want that).


Here are few further FAQ:

What happens to email sent to my old mymail account?

During a transition period, all email that is being sent to your account will be copied and also sent to your account.   We will continue to deliver any email sent to to your new account for at least the next 6 months.  You should begin using your address from the time you first access your account.

What if I am forwarding my email to another account?

Your email will continue to be forwarded from your old account at mymail.  However, we recommend you turn off forwarding just after the migration.  Then, begin checking your new account directly, and/or forward your account to an email account of your choice.  See this articlefor instructions on how to do these steps.

What’s next?

Please check out our FAQ and announcements for more information, tips and tricks.  We will be offering some special training on making the most of our Google Apps accounts in the Fall.

Thank you,
Google for All! Project Team