Apps for All!

Part of the Google for All! project is enabling access to more Google Apps.  Currently, most people can only access what are known as the Core Apps, which include Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Groups, Sites, and Drive (Google Docs).  However, Google makes a whole bunch of other cool things like YouTube and Google+.

The difference is that these non-Core Apps are consumer based.  All we can do is enable access, allow users to access these apps, we at Marylhurst have no control over how Google manages non-Core Apps.  While Google has a user friendly privacy policy, if you use a non-Core App you are making a direct agreement with Google.

With the Core Apps, like using gmail with your address, there is an agreement between Marylhurst University and Google that protects our privacy and explicitly states that our data will not be indexed or searched by Google and that that data is owned wholly by Marylhurst University.

Simply enabling these non-Core Apps does not mean anyone has to use them.  In fact, users can simply not click on them and not accept any agreements (some apps have separate user agreements that require acceptance before use, like Google+).  And, the majority of people will likely want to use some of these apps (we’ve gotten lots of requests about them!).

If you are reading this notice, you are the first to know 🙂 that we will be enabling many of the non-Core Apps within the next three weeks.  The Google For All Project Team will be sending out a notification very soon with more details, and we hope to hear back from you about this exciting new development!