House Rules

Marylhurst University supports forums and blogs for the open and free exchange of ideas. We encourage the use of comment fields as a way to debate and dialogue the important topics of our world. We are also committed to fostering respectful, edifying, and authentic community. As such, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Always be respectful and constructive when discussing opposing ideas
  • Post meaningful comments that add to the conversation
  • Avoid remarks that could be perceived as offensive or off-topic
  • Never post hurtful or disparaging comments
  • Listen before commenting – read through the comment thread and thoughtfully contribute, rather than repeating comments or offering knee-jerk responses
  • Avoid commenting when inebriated or when your judgment might otherwise be compromised

Comments can be submitted by anyone in the digital space, and they in no way reflect the views or opinions of Marylhurst University.

Any content that is spamming, hateful, deceptive, pornographic, defamatory, obscene or otherwise contrary to Marylhurst University’s policies and values will be removed.

For further guidelines and best practices for the digital space, please refer to the Social Media Guide.


Thanks to Portland State University for inspiration in the development of these guidelines.