Two Poems by Ryan Lawrence

Valentine’s Day It’s a mix of scenes from dreams and movies, Julia Roberts in most of them: an apartment, an office, or a swimming pool brimming with roses by the dozen, a chlorinated broth of red and pink blooms and her wide mouth morphing into an enameled half-moon. Sometimes you look at me in a

Three Poems by Shilo Niziolek

Inside these Limbs I am a body of uncharted territory. My anger moves through me, thrashing and crashing like the frigid waves of the Oregon coast. Ask me to be calm; I will beat your heart into sand. Except when I become quiet, like the pine needles under amanita muscaria, her red cushion top with

Three Poems by Eva Bertoglio

Creation Myth of a Name First there was Adam and he was told to name, night hawk, fern, agate, and then Eva, made of rib and the promise of a wife without the earthly rebellion of Lilith, mater of archangels, demon, catalogued as one of eight unclean animals. Only Eva is remembered now. Eva, not

Three Poems by Anne Britting Oleson

Cassandra Pale sand. Retreating shadow in the far distance. Raised hand: benediction? Warning? Perhaps, mere hallucination in January mist. Look around: deserted winter beach. Tightness in the chest. A silent wave–even footprints, gone now. At first, no one to tell. And then: no one believes. Voice To speak, my love, is to betray love. Words

Two Poems by Samuel T. Franklin

Transformation The warp of things bends    beyond the horizon’s dark curve. You slip your skin.    All the way— pain will not destroy you    if you keep bartering breath. Drape it like a flag across your forearms,    your hanging flesh your muscles naked and bloody in the air.    Go outside, tack

Suburbanites – Joe Ballard

You speak of Dreams as if they’re expected. Out my window planes fly loud & low, bombs descend & burst; lowered onto Momma’s head the way heavy things are meant to tumble. Concrete & clothes. Carpet & skies. Black smoke scatters to the blue like incense burned before the Prayer. I have four walls around,