Vines by Jack Eikrem

Joey grew a grapevine in his nose. He must have accidentally snorted the seeds off his kitchen island which hadn’t been sponged while the housekeeper was out with the flu. He woke at 7:00 am, as always, with a blinding headache which was not unusual given the amount of cocaine he snorted. Joey splashed water

Two Poems by Ryan Lawrence

Valentine’s Day It’s a mix of scenes from dreams and movies, Julia Roberts in most of them: an apartment, an office, or a swimming pool brimming with roses by the dozen, a chlorinated broth of red and pink blooms and her wide mouth morphing into an enameled half-moon. Sometimes you look at me in a

Three Poems by Shilo Niziolek

Inside these Limbs I am a body of uncharted territory. My anger moves through me, thrashing and crashing like the frigid waves of the Oregon coast. Ask me to be calm; I will beat your heart into sand. Except when I become quiet, like the pine needles under amanita muscaria, her red cushion top with

Three Poems by Eva Bertoglio

Creation Myth of a Name First there was Adam and he was told to name, night hawk, fern, agate, and then Eva, made of rib and the promise of a wife without the earthly rebellion of Lilith, mater of archangels, demon, catalogued as one of eight unclean animals. Only Eva is remembered now. Eva, not