Lamplight Pt. 1 by Jenna Stopper

If you could just fit yourself inside a smaller body

Find a coil around which to curl
The immense emptiness
The immaculate alone

Slide the curtain of your mind aside

The laughter in your voice to long un-rung
Above the insipid vapor of self-loathing cloying your lungs

Being torn apart in new ways
Watching your chest heave with a new breathlessness

The lamplight dew
Inside the swell of your body

And murmur

“How can you love all these little iterations of myself when I cannot even love one?”



Jenna Stopper is a resident of Portland and works as a freelance editor. She recently graduated from the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Marylhurst, with a concentration in creative writing. Her passion is creating transformative narratives that facilitate mental and emotional healing.

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