Archive | December, 2012

Susan Hess Logeais: Reflection as Learning Process

New understanding about past learning – it doesn’t get better than that! Susan Hess Logeais, an Interdisciplinary Studies major at Marylhurst University, recently completed a 45-credit portfolio through Prior Learning Assessment — Congratulations, Susan! She challenged a number of college courses that matched the knowledge she’s acquired through her career as an actor, screenwriting and film director, […]


Joan Winchester: An Accreditation of Your Life

Congratulations, Joan! Joan Winchester, an Interdisciplinary Studies major with concentrations in Communication and Religious Studies, has just completed the Prior Learning Assessment program at Marylhurst University. She earned 23 credits covering these six subject areas for learning she acquired through diverse personal, professional and volunteer experiences: • Listening • Public Speaking • Small Group Communication • Social […]


Richard Seymour: You Can’t Not Learn

Richard Seymour, an Organizational Communications  major, recently completed his 27-credit Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio!  In writing his essays,Richard dug deep and reflected on experiences from his personal and professional life that resulted in new meaning and learning for him. His essay topics included: Negotiation Great Meetings Managing Transitions Organizational Cultures HR for the Career-Minded Professional Effective Listening Small Group […]