Susan Hess Logeais: Reflection as Learning Process

New understanding about past learning – it doesn’t get better than that!

Susan Hess Logeais, an Interdisciplinary Studies major at Marylhurst University, recently completed a 45-credit portfolio through Prior Learning Assessment — Congratulations, Susan! She challenged a number of college courses that matched the knowledge she’s acquired through her career as an actor, screenwriting and film director, as well as through her personal life as a wife, mother, and social activist:

Public Speaking
Metamorphosis: The process of change within human cultures and individuals
Acting for the Camera
Advanced Screen Writing
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Filmmaking
Digital Video Editing

In her final PLA Reflection essay, Susan commented on new insight she gained through this process of critical reflection and discernment: “When looking back over the subjects I wrote about, I see a clear pattern of deep inquiry and a strong sense of social responsibility. [This] has helped me narrow my thinking on the kind of senior film project I want to create.”

In this video, you can learn about Susan’s unique experience in the PLA program, and how she was able to translate her extensive professional learning into 45 college credits!

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