Prior learning + transfer credits = not starting from scratch

One of my students, Angela Murphy, in spring term’s LRN 150 Learning Assessment Workshop, openly shared her apprehensions about coming back to college. As she considered what she’d need to do to complete her undergraduate degree, she worried that her previous college credits wouldn’t be accepted, and whether she’d be able to manage the course workload while maintaining balance with her career and family during the time it took to complete her degree — a very common concern for most adult students.

In researching colleges in the area, Angela learned that Marylhurst’s programs are specifically designed for adult learners’ complex lives and work responsibilities and, because of our liberal transfer policy, most of her previous college credits could be applied toward an undergraduate degree. She was thrilled with the opportunity this opened up for her!

She expressed to me, “I was so relieved that I would not have to start school from scratch, and that I also had the potential to earn additional college credits for what I’ve already learned through my professional and personal experiences.”

Here’s to great success on the road to seeking your degree at Marylhurst, Angela!


Christine Caton
Associate Faculty
Prior Learning Assessment

Photo: wwarby via Flickr, Creative Commons license

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