PLA Plays a Part in Jeffery’s Bucket List

Jeffery Temple, a Business Management major, completed his Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio earning 43 credits towards his undergraduate degree.  Congratulations, Jeffery!

In reflecting on the knowledge he gained through his professional and personal experiences, Jeffery knows that strong communication skills have been key—especially in his roles as a manager, husband and father. The topics he wrote for are:

  • PSY 222 Family and Intimate Relationships
  • SP 105 Listening
  • MSD 117 Customer Relations
  • MSD 279 Project Management
  • CCM 347 Negotiation
  • CCM 346 Conflict Management
  • COL 426 Team Building
  • CCM 322 Interpersonal Communication
  • COL 432 Leadership Communication
  • COL 340 Organizational Communication
  • MGMT 100 The Business Environment
  • CMST 230 Small Group Communication

Jeffery shares highlights of his CPL journey and gives quality tips to future students who want to earn college credit by tapping into their experiential learning.

The Reflection Force is With Her!

Business and Leadership major Peggy Fisher completed her Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio earning 44 credits towards her undergraduate degree! Although Peggy began PLA late in her degree-seeking journey, she gained a variety of key insights about the reflection process and remains passionate about its major role in life-long learning. As Peggy wound up her participation in the PLA program, she commented “I am confident that I do have a wealth of learning through experience that is often far richer and meaningful than what I would have learned in a classroom.”

Peggy wrote for a variety of topics, all based on learning experiences from her personal and professional life:

  • COMM 227 Nonverbal Communication
  • COMM 105 Listening
  • MSD 117 Customer Relations
  • CMST 210 Interpersonal Communication
  • ENG 135 Introduction to Technical Writing
  • BM 420 Project Management
  • BA 206 Management Fundamentals
  • COMM 130 Business and Professional Speech Communication
  • CMST 230 Small Group Communication
  • BUS 205 Business Communication

PLA: A Labor of Love for Sue Kloster

Sue Kloster, a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Training & Development, completed her PLA Portfolio at Marylhurst University over a five-year span, earning a total of 30 credits! With Sue’s rich work experience, she was able to challenge courses in her major on topics that she already uses on a daily basis and could document extensively. They include:

BUS 400 Personal Ethics in Organizations
COL 340 Organizational Communication
COL 432 Leadership Communication
CTD 440 Principles of Instructional Design
CTD 446 Helping Adults Learn
CTD 448 High Impact Training Materials
CCM 311 The Art of Purposeful Interviewing
CCM 323 Effective Listening
CCM 324 Nonverbal Communication
CCM 420 Professional Presentations

As Sue reflected on PLA, she revealed how important it was to her personal learning journey:

“I absolutely love the feeling of acknowledgment and validation I got from the prior learning assessment process. It has made me appreciate how much learning is available outside the academic environment for those who embrace and pursue it….  The PLA program, like many of the courses I have taken at Marylhurst, has taught me more about myself than any other single thing. It has been hard and wonderful.”

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