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Welcome to Cohorts Gatherings 2015-2016

Schedule:  Master of Arts in Applied Pastoral Theology (MAAPT) & Master of Divinity (MDiv)  Cohort Classes & Ritual/Events . Each cohort weekend includes three rituals, three classes, announcements, and community building get-togethers. These weekends provide a student and faculty dinner – usually on Sunday evening. Once in a while, the dinner is on Saturday evening. […]

My Church~ on the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day

My Church~ On the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day Photo credit: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters New York Times The question is asked in so many of the quarters of my life.  “What’s happening to my Church?”  They don’t really mean the Universal Church. They don’t mean the people of God.  They don’t think of the Church as […]

New Year New Look

Dear Seekers, New Year blessings are offered for 2013,  a year of peace, health, prosperity and justice for all. You will notice that the Religious Studies Department Blog has been given a brand new updated look and function designed by Marylhurst’s very own stellar techno star, Heather McLendon Social Media and Web Content Coordinator. I […]

Vatican II ~50 Years Later

Greetings Seekers, I remember it well! October  10th, 1962, when the Good Pope John XXIII called the bishops from across the world to gather in St. Peter’s Basilica.  There within the ancient eternal city – shocking at the time- not only clerics, but religious brothers and sisters, as well as lay men and women, even non-Catholics […]

Cohort Schedule Fall 12~Spring 13

Welcome Religious Studies Students to our Fall 2012 School Year. This is an exciting time to honor our relationship to the Holy, to investigate the mysteries of life and to hone our ministerial skills to offer service for the greater good. We look forward to meeting our new students as well as catching up with […]