New Year New Look

Dear Seekers,

New Year blessings are offered for 2013,  a year of peace, health, prosperity and justice for all. You will notice that the Religious Studies Department Blog has been given a brand new updated look and function designed by Marylhurst’s very own stellar techno star, Heather McLendon Social Media and Web Content Coordinator.

I encourage you to log into the Religious Studies blog to see commentaries on current events and sources that support our journey together as we yearn to understand the Holy One, the world in which we serve and the communities who embrace this mission with deep commitment.

Our Winter Term begins in the season of the Epiphany on January 7. 2013.  It will be grand to explore the mysteries, traditions, spiritualists and ministries of our ancestors in faith as well as our brothers and sisters in mission in our time.

Happy New Year

Photo: schani via Flickr