Blessings for the Holy Season

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Seasons Greetings
We evoke our God’s mercy and blessings on all the peoples of earth. And in this holy season, we petition our Creator to empower us with wisdom so that in this approaching New Year, our gifts will give birth to new ways to create prosperity, to preserve the peace and to provide paths of justice to be enjoyed by all.

We pray for the poor, for the lonely, for the sick, for the alienated and for the end of suffering.
May the hope of this holy season provide healing, give opportunities for joy, richly nourish us all with love, fill us with happiness and provide a time of restful play that will ignite our energies for the work ahead.

With hearts filled with gratitude for blessings received, we give thanks for the privileged gift of education and pray for joy to cover our interfaith community of students, staff, administrators and faculty. And pray blessing on our friends, families, benefactors and all the people of God.

In this sacred time, we bind our prayers to all the followers of Jesus who honor the holy season of Mother Mary’s maternity, who mark the time of sacred waiting in these last days of Advent and celebrate the festival of Christ’s birth at Christmas.

With the native peoples, we honor this time of holy darkness, give praise for the gifts of creation, and wait in sacred anticipation for the first light as winter embraces the earth. We join our Jewish brothers and sisters who honor Hanukkah, the Festival of Light and Hope, pray for peace for Israel and petition God for shalom for all.

We pray with the Parses who in this season mark Zarathosht Diso in honor of the passing into eternal life of the holy Zarustra /Zoroaster, the great saint of Peria. We pray for peace and blessing with our Islamic brothers and sisters as they enter the holy watch of Hijra – Muharram to welcome the New Year.

And with all people, we give thanks for the year that has past and place our hope and faith in 2009.

We pray in gratitude for the 25 years our Archbishop John G. Vlazny has served as bishop and join with our archdioces to honor him on December 14th.

And we give thanks for the speedy recovery of our own University Minister Sister Cecilia Ranger.

Happy Holidays to all.

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