Holy Week

Holy Week is the most priceless week of the Catholic Christian Liturgical Year, as well as that of most Christian denominations. Through the celebrations of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday we re-live what we call the Paschal Mystery of Jesus the Christ. On Palm Sunday Christians remember the celebrated Jesus as He rode triumphant into Jerusalem on a donkey while citizens lay palm branches in His path. Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) recalls the institution of the Eucharistic Feast, at which Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. The tables of triumph were over-turned when Jesus was humiliated and asked to carry the Cross, only to be put to death on that Cross, between two thieves. Holy Saturday brings Christians together to recall their Baptism and to baptize catechumens, to light the New Fire and to celebrate on Easter the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ (anointed one). We call the three days, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday the Easter Triduum.

We invite you to celebrate Eucharist with us on Thursday April 9th 5:30-6:30 pm – Wiegand Recital Hall,- BP John Bldg.
Presider: Fr. Rick Ganz, S.J.
If you do not have a spiritual family or congregation with whom you celebrate, the Sisters’ Chapel at Mary’s Woods, on the second floor, has services at at these times: Palm Sunday 11:00 a.m.; Holy Thursday 4:00 p.m.; Good Friday 4:00 p.m.; Holy Saturday 4:00; Easter Sunday 11:00 Eucharist and 12:00 Ecumenical Service. You will be welcomed warmly.
Have a Blessed Spring Season, and feast on the sights of the bright lavish yellow daffodils, the pink camellias, and all the new blossoms on the trees which line our streets.
(Cecilia A Ranger, SNJM, PhD, University Ministry)

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