February, a time of transition from the darkness of winter to the light of early spring.  Yet there is great tension in this period of transition — will it snow this week or not?  Will the early flowers be killed in a frost?  But, every year spring manages to push its way through the winter soil and once again life returns to the earth.  Sometimes I find myself pondering the energy it takes for spring to occur.  The trees send forth buds, and in doing so they must reach down into the depths of their energy stores.  There is a risk in this process, as if the tree sends forth buds too early they may be destroyed, too late and the tree may not get enough energy to live through another winter.
And so it is with us.  A wise person once said that the only constant is change.  I believe this to be true.  Yet, change is hard work.  It doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without us reaching into the depths of our beings.  Change may or may not lead us to moments of deep transformation.  The choice to grow and be transformed requires timing, trust, and courage.
So, on this day of cloud and sun, on this day when new life is risking an appearance on our beautiful campus I pray that each of us may be open to whatever the deep down stirring might call forth.  
Have a blessed day!


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