Easter Greetings

Those of us who are Christian have two major feasts which we celebrate each year, the incarnation (Christmas) and the resurrection (Easter). I am reminded this year, with all of the people suffering from natural disasters, war, the economic downturn, disease, and lack of basic human rights that the work of Easter is not yet finished. We, who call ourselves Christian, certainly are called to set time aside to rejoice, but more important, each of us is also called to work for justice. Christ has no hands on earth but ours. If we do not continue his mission of building the Kingdom on earth, who will?

So as we celebrate this Easter season let us remember that God loves us so much that God became one with us through the incarnation. The incarnation celebrates human dignity, we are worthy of the presence of God in our human flesh. God chose to be with us in human form. This gift challenges us to honor the dignity of each and every human person. The resurrection invites us to shake free from the bonds of oppression and to embrace the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. It is through the power of the resurrection that we glimpse the Kingdom and our call to be active participants in creating a world of peace and justice for all peoples — and for all creation.

Happy Easter to one and all, happy serving the needs of your neighbor.


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