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The Christmas Season causes mixed feelings for many people. For Christians it is the high festival of the year — the celebration of God loving humanity so much that God became one of us in the person of Jesus. Yet this focus is often lost by the stress of the holiday season: cards, gifts, decorations, food, and the expectation that we should all be happy and joyful — all the time.

For those who are not Christian, or for those who do not believe in God, I imagine that it comes down to a choice — to join in the party, or to hold fast to your deeper belief system and refrain from all the Christmas fuss.

So, I wish all who are Christian a very blessed Christmas a true celebration of the key festival of Christianity. For all those who are not Christian, I wish you a blessed and joy filled new year. As we continue to walk the path of learning and understanding one another’s beliefs let us never go for the lowest common denominator — instead let us remember that our beliefs are diverse, and that is a good thing, it brings richness. Let us respect the deep meanings of the many religious celebrations — even those we do not celebrate, or understand.

Let us make 2012 a year of celebrating richness instead of trying to not offend by being too: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Muslim….

Happy New Year and happy celebration of all significat religious feasts!


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