New Year Greetings

2012, remember when that date seemed a life-time away? Well it is here, so now what?

Each new year brings with it the opporutnity for us to take stalk of our lives and to consider not only who we are, but who we wish to become.

Some make resoultions, some take time to reflect, some just celebrate. All is good.

I hope that as we enter this new year that each of us is able to rejoice in what is good — good in the world, in our homes, with our families and friends, at work and school, with our own lives. I hope each of us can take some time to really be present to the moment that is, not the moments that have been or the moments that are yet to be, but just to the moment that is right now.

So, happy 2012! May this be a year of memorable and joyful moments.



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