This Wednesday Christians begin the season of Lent. The word “Lent” actually means springtime. Growing up I always thought that had to do with the season — since Lent comes in the spring, but then I realized that is only true for half of the world. For the other half of the world Lent comes in fall. So, what might this season of spring time really be about?

I offer, if I may, the idea that Lent is springtime because it is the time for us to care with attention to our spiritual roots. It is the time for us to make sure that we are giving our spiritual life the attention it deserves. Just as the spring plants won’t grow if they don’t get a good balance of sun, warmth, and moisture — so too our spiritual lives won’t continue to grow if they do not get a burst of life in the spring time.

Lent is a time to rededicate ourselves to practices of spiritual discipline — a word we don’t like in American society, but it is through disciplines that we grow. Committing to a spiritual practice for the season of Lent means that we don’t have to decide each day whether or not we will do that discipline — we’ve already decided. Practicing a discipline helps us to not spin our wheels.

So, blessings on you as you practice a spiritual discipline for Lent whether it be: spiritual reading, daily prayer, daily Mass, the Rosary, sitting in silence, taking walks each day, getting enough sleep, fasting, adding random acts of kindness… Blessings!

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