Happy Summer

15 Jun
June 15, 2012

Summer is always filled with expectations — maybe we remember the long summer vacations of childhood and hope that we’ll feel that sense of freedom this summer.  Maybe we recall the camping trips, vacations, and long evenings of past summers and hope that this summer will be a time for making good memories.

Whatever our expectations for summer, it is good to remember that summer is a time of fullness, of warmth, and it does call us to a more relaxed and playful pace.

No matter how you fill your days:  work, study, care of family, travel, time with friends… I hope that each of you find in this season a sense of renewal, rest, and relaxation.  Let us also not forget our neighbors who might be in need:  the elderly neighbor who might need a new fan for the hot days of summer; the young mother who needs a bit of time to herself during the long summer vacation; the homeless who may need us to share our abundance via a local service agency.

Blessings to each of you and no matter how busy you may be… don’t forget to take time to be and to rejoice in the beauty of summer! 


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