We’ve been busy these past weeks

Many thanks need to go out to our university community.

Since mid-January we have collected dozens of gloves which were donated to a local shelter to assist those who without homes. We ran a successful blood drive. We collected bags of delicates for women rescued from human trafficking. With the help of the Sisters of the Holy Names we were able to donate $100 in cash, $150 in gift cards, and two car loads of nice clothing and bath items for rescue agencies to give to women in need.

We being Lent this Wednesday. We will be hosting a Mass at 12:00 in Wiegand on Ash Wednesday (Wednesday, February 13th).

What is Lent? Traditionally Lent has been a time for Christians to reflect deeply on how well they are living the promises they made at Baptism. As children most of us were taught to “give something up” during Lent as a way to enter into the suffering of Christ. As adults most of us try to change a behavior. Sometimes the behavior is an attitude, or an automatic reaction; sometimes the behavior is to be more mindful of another person, or to learn more about a specific issue of justice.

However you decide to spend this season I wish you well, and I pray that this season will help you deepen your relationship with our loving God.


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