MacDonald Center

As you can see from our home page we’ve spent the last few weeks sharing our abundance with those in need.

Currently we are talking to the MacDonald Center about how best to engage our students, faculty, staff, and alumni with their programs.  The MacDonald Center is a drop in center located in downtown Portland. Its mission is to help the invisible people who live in the apartments in Old Town create community and to honor each individual persona and his/her life story.  The center also provides spiritual services for people – including memorial services when someone in the community dies.

One of the opportunities for volunteers is to visit neighbors in their homes.  Visitors go out in pairs and they only visit people who are connected to the MacDonald Center and who wish to be visited by a volunteer.  The first few times a pair goes out they are shadowed by a staff member.  When volunteers return to the center they have an opportunity to share their experience and to consider how they have been transformed by their time of visiting.


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