Care of the Earth

“God looked at everything he had made, and found it very good” (Genesis 1:31).

This week we celebrate our earth. We remind ourselves to be aware of future generations and to reflect on how our practices will impact the lives of those yet to be born. Our faith traditions call us to consider an even deeper awareness – do we graciously accept, honor, and care for the gift God has given us?

Every major religion calls its followers to hold the earth as a sacred gift from God. We haven’t always followed this mandate. Instead we have often seen creation as our property – it is ours to use as we wish. But this is a misreading of sacred texts. Genesis, for example, asks us to tend, to nurture, to treasure — not to exploit the gift of creation.

Most of us understand the earth is in crisis, but we seem unable to change our behaviors to more earth friendly practices. Religious leaders believe  our sacred traditions and texts have the ability to inspire us to positive action. If we begin to see the earth as a sacred gift maybe we will find the motivation to make the necessary changes in our behaviors.

True change will only occur when we realize that we must care for the earth simply because it is a gift from God.

Have a great Earth Day!


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