The Wilderness Continues…

lent-300x300The Season of Lenten and our 40 days in the wilderness continues. What have you noticed about your journey thus far? As I continue to explore what others share about lent, I found this older piece by Rev. Mark Connolly (

“Everyone reading this article has experienced some sort of an agony, a scourging, a crucifixion. It might be the agony of a mental illness, it might be the scourging of some physical illness. You, in this year, might be going through a crucifixion of a different kind. Lent reminds you that Christ has already been where you are. Lent reminds you that if you identify your suffering with the suffering of Christ your cross will become lighter. Lent reminds you not only of the suffering of Christ, but of the love of Christ. The more you realize the sacredness of this season, the more you offer your suffering in union with the suffering of Christ, the more you identify with Christ, the more spiritual you become, the more sacred your Lent becomes.”

How do we engage our suffering in a healthy way? Not drowning in the struggle, not becoming so attached that we cannot see any other way of living, and also not so blind to the truth which is that we all suffer in our lifetimes. Suffering is a part of living. When suffering occurs (or is ongoing) how do we embrace it, not as punishment, not as something done to us, but as a part of who we are and who we are becoming when sufferings’ tide has ebbed?

In the midst of suffering, how do you remind yourself that your suffering is not the last word? How do you remind yourself that Love is also a part of life’s journey as well as joy and beauty.

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