Suffering is not the whole Story…

Today we watch as members of our global community reel from a horrendous attack in Brussels.  As we listen or watch the news, we ask ourselves “why?” or “to what end?” or “when will this ever stop?” We each have the power to respond with compassion and to lift our hearts up in prayer for all members of our earthly family who are in need of our kindness, our remembrance, our love.

burning heart

Though we live with suffering and violence in this world it is not the whole story. May we give thanks for what we do have and ask our True Self within, “what can I do?” It may be to pray. It may be to notice all that is good in your life. It may be responsible action towards survivors and their families who will need medicine and who will need to mourn and grieve – and help doing so.  And it may courageous and conscientious dialogue about and with members of our human family.

Spring Equinox, Easter, Passover… this season of the year reminds us that there is and will always be new birth, new growth, new hope when we are least expecting it and when we may need it most.

May the gifts of this Holy Week and the unfolding blessings still to come surround you and yours in peace, charity and hope.


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