We love and grieve…

The Marylhurst Community along with the Creative Source of All that Is weeps with sadness and grief in the wake of the horrific events that occurred in the night of June 12th in Orlando. While our prayers are with all the loved ones of the deceased, we also extend prayer and comforting hands to all our friends, families and neighbors reeling from this tragedy, especially our LGBTQ community at Marylhurst.

It is through our kindness to and for one another that we walk through these times of unspeakable hate to strengthen our resolve to end violence and uphold justice and equality for all.

Imago Dei Art

The office of Campus Ministry is open to all who are seeking to process the emotions, feelings and grief generated from this horrific event. Campus Ministry invites suggestions from our community of how we want to show our love and support and strength for each other and the world during this great time of loss and sadness.
Contact Kathleen Kaczor @ 503-534-4066 // campmin@marylhurst.edu






image from www.imagodeiart.com


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