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Snow Storm Blessings

19 Dec
December 19, 2008

Hello Marylhurst Community,

The snow softly falls around us, whispering, mocking, teasing, mandating that we all stay still and listen to nature’s song, a lullaby sung by Mother Earth.

We can venture out as our did our skilled ancestors, who slowly, carefully -minding each step- challenged the slip and slid of December.

How do we silence the voice of culture that screams unrelentingly that time is of essence, there is work to be done? Our kind administrators have asked us to relax. Can we? Should we? Will we?

Should we climb into the antiquated vehicle and skid- hopefully safely so – in attempt to accomplish business as usual, even though the wise ones have retired to their abodes. They enjoy the evening sipping tea, warming soup, grading papers, calculating grades that are due tonight!

Well, we have computers! Thank you, God for all those geniuses you created, who in turn created this tool that permits us to cast our thoughts as if by the power of bi-location.

Tonight, Wisdom sings a haunting song of timeless gift. I intend to listen to voices of the grand children. My Stella and Jack know. They know it’s time to play.

We are gently reminded to slow down, to take time, to be kind to self and other.
Isn’t it delightful. We have no choice. We need to stay home, stay off the roads and live another season to work.

This beautiful photo of our BP Johns Administration building looks like the work our own VP Michael Lammers. Thank you Michael for this beautiful meditation.

Snow storm blessings,