We love and grieve…

The Marylhurst Community along with the Creative Source of All that Is weeps with sadness and grief in the wake of the horrific events that occurred in the night of June 12th in Orlando. While our prayers are with all the loved ones of the deceased, we also extend prayer and comforting hands to all our friends, families and neighbors reeling from this [...]

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New Discoveries

I just finished two weeks of residency for my Doctor of Ministry program at WTU in Washington DC. The time was filled with readings, classes, discussions, and enjoying the [...]

New Year Greetings

2012, remember when that date seemed a life-time away? Well it is here, so now what?Each new year brings with it the opporutnity for us to take stalk of our lives and to [...]

Almost Here

The Christmas Season causes mixed feelings for many people. For Christians it is the high festival of the year -- the celebration of God loving humanity so much that God [...]

Advent Waiting

We wait all the time. We wait in line, we wait for test results, we wait for planes, we wait at traffic lights, we wait for children to get ready for school, we wait, we wait, [...]

Gratitude Attitude

It is once again that time of year, when we turn our attention to thoughts of gratitude. Some of my Facebook friends have a practice of daily gratitude -- where each day he or [...]

All Saints/All souls

I love the feasts of All Saints and All Souls -- I love them because it is the time of the year where we intentionally celebrate those who have walked this journey before us. [...]

Fall Meditation

As we journey through these beautiful days of Fall, it is important to stop and take pause. Maybe I should say, that we're somehow drawn to stop and take pause. For some [...]

Blessed Marie Rose Durocher

Yesterday, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of the foundress of the the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, the founders of Marylhurst University.Marie [...]

Prayer is an important part of our ministry at University Ministry.  We've received the following prayer requests in the last few days -- I invite you to hold these [...]

Prayer, Justice Cafe, and Homecoming Week

Did you know that your University Ministers are here to pray for and with you?If you have a prayer request please send it to us, and we will be happy to pray for you.  You [...]