Love in a New Year…

"As the divine light grows brighter, it reveals what it contains, that is, divine life; and divine life reveals that the Ultimate Reality is love." - Thomas Keating, The Mystery of Christ For many, the return and beginning of a new year marks a time of renewal. This renewal is one of hope. Hope in the future through self-improvement and intentional [...]

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Catholic Social Teaching: Did you know that there are clear ethical teachings on justice? The main teachings concern— Human Dignity; Community and the Common Good; [...]

Easter Greetings

Those of us who are Christian have two major feasts which we celebrate each year, the incarnation (Christmas) and the resurrection (Easter). I am reminded this year, with all [...]

Passover and Holy Week

This coming week is a sacred week for Jews and Christians as we celebrate the feasts of Passover and the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. These celebrations, on the [...]

Spring Quarter

Ah, the beginning of a new term. We are all filled with the hope and anticipation of what challenges and opportunities will arrive during the coming weeks. How much of what [...]

Sabbath Time Anyone?

It doesn't matter what our faith tradition might be, or even if we have a faith tradition, it is imperative for all of creation to take time for Sabbath rest. Sabbath doesn't [...]

March 7, 2011

End of Quarter Pause?As the final days of winter quarter fly past us it is easy to get caught up in the need to finish, rather than to savor the learning. How can we refocus [...]

February 28th

Happy New Year,For centuries the new year began on March 1st. I find this comforting as I have yet to accomplish, or should I say attend to, any of my resolutions from [...]


February, a time of transition from the darkness of winter to the light of early spring.  Yet there is great tension in this period of transition -- will it snow this week or [...]

Founders’ Day

Thursday, October 21st marks 151 years since the Sisters of the Holy Names arrived in Oregon. St. Mary's Academy, out of which Marylhurst College (and later Marylhurst [...]

Please join us for the Homecoming Mass.Saturday, September 16th5:00 p.m.St. Anne's [...]