14 Jan


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Prayer Requests:

  • For Nick who is in the hospital who needs healing love.
  • Pray for our wonderful students.
  • Pray for the homeless as the weather gets cooler and wetter.
  • I need what is best for my children throughout this custody battle. They need to be protected.
  • For comfort, mercy, wisdom, strength, and joy for my brother, Frank and his family. Holy Family please help Frank and his family.
  • Pray for my brother Matthew. Pray that he will reconnect with God. Pray that he will find his purpose or at least find a passion so as to get out of his rut and do something worthwhile.
  • For my friend Mary who is recovering from cancer surgery.
  • Pray that I get my school work done.
  • Pray that I can find a full-time job.
  • For racial equality and justice.
  • Pray that I find balance and meaningful revelations during this uncertain and difficult transition.
  • Pleas pray for my financial situation to be resolved.
  • Please pray for me for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. My husband died recently and I am really struggling.
  • For a co-worker who is engaged in unhealthy sexual behavior. Please pray that he gains understanding that these behaviors are not in the Lord’s plan for him.
  • In gratitude for friends.
  • For courage to continue.
  • Please pray that I can let go of a past hurt.
  • Wow! Thanks for this beautiful campus.
  • For everyone suffering from the heat.
  • For all of are students
  • Praise the Lord! I did well in Spring Term 2013. Pray that his power will help me complete my last term strong.
  • My prayer request is for Lila, an amazing beautiful woman, who lost her son a little over a year ago. She still is searching for answers and closure on his death. He was found murdered in the Williamette River. Please pray for her.
  • God help me with self-discipline in completing my summer class assignments.
  • Pray that God will help me get debt free so I can graduate from Marylhurst University. I need a miracle!
  • Pray for my housemate Hollie that she won’t get involved with her ex –  an alcoholic -boyfriend again.
  • Pray for my Dad (Jesse) that God will help his body and keep him alive for another year.
  • Pray that God will give my sister Barbara a happy heart and take away her work stress soon.
  • Please pray that my computer will get fixed soon.
  • Pray that God will work it out so I can get a house phone soon.
  • Pray that God will open a money making gig for my dancer daughter in Georgia.
  • Pray that I can find my grand daughter.
  • Help me find my mom’s relatives.
  • For God to work it out so one of my writing projects will sell.
  • Give Jamie a happy heart. Take away her sadness and make her well.
  • Pray for Denise so she’ll have a happy heart. Take away her sadness and make her well.