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Joan Winchester: An Accreditation of Your Life

Congratulations, Joan! Joan Winchester, an Interdisciplinary Studies major with concentrations in Communication and Religious Studies, has just completed the Prior Learning Assessment program at Marylhurst University. She earned 23 credits covering these six subject areas for learning she acquired through diverse personal, professional and volunteer experiences: • Listening • Public Speaking • Small Group Communication • Social […]


Donna Gentry: Deepening Existing Knowledge

Donna Gentry, a Communications major, completed her Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio, earning 36 credits for college-level knowledge that she gained through her professional and personal experiences. She wrote for the following courses that focused on her major and greatly enhanced her professional work in teaching adults and designing corporate trainings: CCM 320 Public Presentations CCM 321 Small Group Communication […]


Greg Carradine: He Learned A Lot In High School (Working There!)

Greg Carradine, a Human Communication major, recently completed his 32-credit Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio — Congratulations, Greg! Greg used his personal experiences as well as those from his professional life as a high school teacher and athletic coach to demonstrate his college-level competency for these courses: Effective Listening Small Group Communication Conflict Management Nonverbal Communication Planning & Facilitating Difficult […]


Victoria Hurlock: Establishing a Rhythm

Victoria Hurlock recently completed her PLA Portfolio with 27 credits. Victoria’s major is Communication, and the topics she wrote for were: CCM 321 Small Group Communication CCM 323 Effective Listening CCM 325 Communication of Self-Esteem CCM 337 Gender and Communication CCM 346 Conflict Management COL 340 Organizational Communication COL 426 Team Building MSD 130 Creative Problem-Solving RE 100 […]

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