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Helen Fern: Informed by Life Experience

Helen is a Human Studies major, and she earned credit through the PLA program for the following courses: Introduction to Photography Mushroom Identification and Taxonomy Anasazi Archeology Conflict Management Effective Listening Psychology of Loss and Grief Three of these topics were grounded in her hobbies and avocations (she has some great mushroom recipes and some amazing photographs!). […]


Christy Dirren: Validate and Celebrate

Christy Dirren, an Organizational Communications major, talks about her experiences in the Prior Learning Assessment program. Christy earned 12 credits toward her Bachelor’s degree by writing essays based on learning from her prior experiences. The PLA topics that Christy wrote for were: Managing Transitions Team Building Principles of Instructional Design Youth Ministry 101 Christy — […]


Julie Fleming: Claiming Her Knowledge

This week, Julie Fleming, one of our Prior Learning Assessment students, turned in her final PLA Portfolio: 17 credits for college-level learning that she had gained through her experiences owning a dance school and teaching dance. Congratulations, Julie! Julie’s major is Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Business, Communications, and Dance. The 17 credits fulfill her […]