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Velda Metelmann: 67 Years of Learning

Velda Metelmann recently completed her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in English Literature & Writing and Human Studies, and is now in a graduate program to earn her Masters! Congratulations, Velda! As part of her undergraduate program, Velda earned 25 credits for the following courses through Prior Learning Assessment: Effective Listening Public Presentations Human Emotion Publications […]


Greg Carradine: He Learned A Lot In High School (Working There!)

Greg Carradine, a Human Communication major, recently completed his 32-credit Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio — Congratulations, Greg! Greg used his personal experiences as well as those from his professional life as a high school teacher and athletic coach to demonstrate his college-level competency for these courses: Effective Listening Small Group Communication Conflict Management Nonverbal Communication Planning & Facilitating Difficult […]


Stephanie Lillegard: Learning a New Way to Learn

In May 2011. Stephanie Lillegard completed her 30-credit Prior Learning Assessment portfolio. For Stephanie, it was a journey of learning. Stephanie is an Interdisciplinary Studies major with concentrations in Human Sciences and English, Literature, and Writing. She wrote PLA essays on the following topics: ED 109: Library Procedures ED 114: Reference Materials CCM 325: Communication of Self-Esteem […]